Our Story is all about telling your Story
Who we are

Our mission

Our clients have IDEAS. They may come forward as a product, a service, a concept, or even an ideology.

We're dedicated to understanding those ideas from the perspective of the people who matter most: consumers. We approach this from as many angles as necessary.

This allows us to create narratives that help our clients develop, align and maximize how their ideas perform in that all important arena called LIFE.

As a full service research agency, we've created the tools and perfected the approaches required to illuminate the ideas of our clients.

These tools are always determined based on the nature of the questions requiring narrative - never the other way around. See what you need to know.

Whether this involves...

  • Identifying and evaluating the relative value of different groups of interest (aka segmentation analysis)
  • A deep dive to understand the underlying needs & values that your particular idea fulfills (aka Social Values and/or ethnographic audits)
  • Assessing the perceptions relative to your idea and that of your competitors (aka positioning & equity audits)

...we've got you covered

Closer... closer... ever closer to LIFE


It's an unbounded quest that has guided our journey for close to 50 years.

From Day One, we at CROP have been driven to get closer to LIFE, closer to the narratives it generates, and thus closer to your Idea.

The story opens in 1965, when CROP founding father Yvan Corbeil observed a blatant disconnect between the description of the Quebec society provided by distant (in every sense of the word) Toronto polling firms, and the reality they were supposedly recording. Spurred to action, he founded CROP to get closer to Quebec life.

Fast-forward to 1983, when CROP obtained exclusive licence to an international sociocultural protocol: the 3SC. The protocol explores human psychology and core values to understand behaviour – an elemental truth that until then marketing research had largely ignored. That instinct to get closer to human psychology would prove prescient, as the 3SC has endured for almost 30 years, continuing to inform ideas in the current context.

Jump to 2001, when CROP added a suite of exploratory protocols such as ethnography to achieve ever-more intimate interactions with participants. All of these Crop initiatives and tools serve to generate more poignant narratives and stories with deep relevance for the Ideas our clients bring forth.