Acquisition of new customers

Conquering new markets

There are definitely consumers out there who resemble your customers in every way. They have almost all the same characteristics, the same profile, but they aren’t buying from you. You may have an offer that perfectly meet their needs, but they are unaware of it. That’s because you haven't connected with them yet.

This is a challenge that CROP’s expertise and tools are perfectly designed to tackle.

CROP can help you grow your customer portfolio and implement effective strategies to optimize the acquisition of new customers. Partnering with CROP is the ideal way to maximize the growth of your brand.

From traditional market research studies to the profiles generated by our Milieus program

Most of our market research studies identify niches of growth opportunity for brands, products and services.

By studying the needs, expectations and perceptions of consumers, we inevitably end up identifying growth opportunities for our clients. This has been our vocation from the start.

But our Milieus program takes this one step further. Through our partnership with Vividata and the integration of the values from our Panorama program into their database, we are able to study the profile of almost every brand and market segment in the country – and thus identify the growth opportunities for your brand.

Case studies:

Capturing new markets!

One of our retail clients needed market intelligence to increase their market share. We were tasked with identifying new prospects with similar characteristics and attributes to their current customer base.

Our tools were able to extract the data on all the characteristics, values, lifestyles, hot buttons and media habits of the brand’s usual customers. We were able to determine all the factors that created customer loyalty to the company.

Once this data was extracted, we were able to identify consumers with similar characteristics and who therefore had the potential to become users of our client’s brand. Our work also identified the appropriate content themes and media to use in order to reach these prospects, raise their awareness of our client’s brand and convert them to customers.