A wide-ranging conversation about your brands, products, services and issues!

A unique co-creation protocol that gives the “floor” to the consumer/citizen for the purposes of developing new products and ideas. JAM is in conversation with the ideator.


JAM promotes the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative research.

JAM operates like a focus group, allowing participants (survey respondents) to express their own ideas and opinions while being able to comment on the ideas and opinions of other participants (submitted to them using a probabilistic algorithm).

JAM uses open questions in which everyone can express what they think about the ideas of others while while expressing their own ideas.

JAM produces conversations similar to those on social media.

The ideas collected are quantified at the end of the process and extrapolated to the study population. This allows us to collect all the ideas and conversations on any topic of interest and measure their prevalence in the study population. An approach both qualitative and quantitative.

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