The customer experience

Reinventing the customer experience

Having trouble identifying which issues to prioritize to improve your customer experience? Wondering how to set clear and precise goals to take your customer experience to the next level? CROP’s team can help.

Measuring and leveraging the customer experience

CROP has developed a unique process to understand all facets of the customer experience. Each of the steps has been conceived, designed and tested to help your brand offer an authentic and stimulating experience to your customers.

Here are some questions that help us determine the scope of your specific needs.

  • What is your customers’ perspective?
  • What are their priority expectations?
  • Which situations do they find frustrating at the various stages of their customer journey?
  • Who are the key people and stakeholders to be evaluated within the company?
  • What key elements need to be evaluated?
  • When is the best time to conduct these evaluations?
  • What are the pillars of your customer experience?
  • What vulnerabilities need to be addressed in the short term?
  • What key indicators need to be put in place to implement an authentic customer experience?

We combine creativity, unique tools, data modeling and rigorous analysis to identify the appropriate elements for each stage of your customer journey. More specifically, our customer intelligence ensures a perfect harmony between your brand and the interactions of your users – at every stage of the buying process: pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase.

A unique way to measure your performance

Using the exclusive benchmarks and standards developed by CROP, we help you define the state of the customer experience with your company and compare your performance with your competition’s.

The dashboard of our continuous customer experience measurement platform lets you track, measure and analyze your company's performance in real time.

Case studies:

Deploying an effective customer experience

To redefine the customer orientation for one client, we used our evaluation protocols to diagnose and analyze the different dimensions of the customer experience with this company. Our study identified the main pillars that the company needed to deploy to create an impactful customer experience:

  • meeting expectations (listening to the specific needs of customers)
  • support (support throughout the customer experience process)
  • making it easy to deal with the company (eliminating red tape)
  • resolution (implementing customized customer solutions)