Co-marketing and co-branding

Brand collaboration: a key to succes

What do Skip the Dishes and Apple Pay have in common, or Kiehl’s skincare products and Aberlour scotch, or Aldo and Tristan?

What these brand pairs have in common are customers with very similar consumer values – which could make potential co-marketing campaigns highly profitable!

Co-marketing and co-branding are marketing practices in which two companies, or two brands, collaborate in the execution of a common offensive.

The goal of these operations is to generate growth for both brands, increase awareness, grow their audiences and allow them to acquire new customers by sharing their current customers.

Having access to a new cohort of potential customers, especially if you don't already reach them, can be extremely lucrative, especially if you can expose them to an innovative value proposition.

Ultimately, it’s about creating a win-win situation for brands that share similar values and whose synergy will let them both excel.

Our approach

The challenge is finding the right partner, the right match! Not any brand will do. Synergy will only result when there are shared commonalities among respective customers, similarities and meeting points.

This is precisely where CROP comes in. We are experts at identifying the best matches – the brands whose users share values and motivations, common interests and similar lifestyles.

Through our Flirt program, we identify the brands that will make excellent matches. Brands for whom we can create value propositions – co-branding offers – that will appeal to their respective customers.

Once we identify potential matches, the brands that will benefit from a co-marketing initiative, we then develop specific projects, ideas and value propositions based on the underlying motivations that must inform any co-branding initiative.

Want to “flirt”? Could there be a growth opportunity here for your brand?

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