Public opinion and societal issues

Understanding public opinion

Public opinion is how CROP began in 1965, its name an acronym for Centre for Research on Public Opinion. Our primary mission, and one that still informs our DNA, is to construct a mirror of both Quebec and Canadian society.

Society is driven by culture, mores, traditions, beliefs and values. It embodies diversity. Like the marketplace, society is segmented, since people don’t necessarily share the same values or the same vision for how to live together.

Issues arise, causing divisions, often driven by politics.

Society is ever-changing, often too quickly for some.

CROP endeavours to be a privileged observer of society.

Since 1965, CROP has been designing and developing unique methods and tools to produce the intelligence necessary to fully understand the full gamut of societal phenomena.

Case studies:

The LBGTQ+ community: changing paradigms, shattering social boundaries

CROP recently conducted the largest survey ever conducted in the country on the LGBTQ+ community.

Our study identified its mores, values, perceptions, attitudes, worries, and even its distress at times.

It is fascinating to observe that a community that may seem marginalized from the identity standards imposed by society has succeeded in loudly and clearly asserting its uniqueness, personal expression and creativity, while managing to flourish.