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Do you believe the world is heading for disaster? 61% of Canadians think so

Apocalyptic themes have always been common in cultural creations and popular tales, from the earliest biblical texts to the most recent Hollywood blockbusters. Learn More >>

Does it horrify you to see so much sex in the media? 50% of Canadians say it does

Over the years, brands have increasingly incorporated features and representations of a sexual nature in their advertising and positioning. Learn More >>

Do you need to set goals to keep yourself motivated? 60% of Canadians tell us they do

One of the fundamental motivations in the psychology of individuals in modern societies is undoubtedly the need for achievement: a need for fulfillment, to progress and master high-level skills, to achieve difficult goals, a determination to win, to prevail. Learn More >>

Study on public services in Quebec

Published on La Presse+, here’s a summary of a study on public services in Quebec conducted by CROP for GESTION, HEC Montréal’s magazine (French only). Learn More >>

Do you feel younger than your age? 82% of Canadians say they do!

A fountain of youth, an impressive social phenomenon, tremendous vitality-Canadians are demonstrating a remarkable desire for life! Learn More >>

Do you need to feel recognized and admired by the people around you? 43% of Canadians admit they do

A very intriguing trend seems to be emerging in the social and consumer psychology of Canadians: a marked decline in the need for status recognition and personal pride. Learn More >>

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