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An article about us in The Message

How to grow with the ‘buy local’ phenomenon in Canada Learn More >>

Announcement for 2021 Panorama

In what state of mind are your clients and customers after almost a year of pandemic? What are their most sensitive hot buttons during this unprecedented period? And, above all, which hot buttons do you need to push to get them to engage with you, to buy your products or services, or to embrace your cause or point of view? CROP is about to launch its 2021 edition of its Panorama program on the values and hot buttons of Canadian consumers and citizens. Our data collection is scheduled for March. In order to include your specific questions, we will need you to get back to us before the end of February. Learn More >>

Five consumer predictions for the year ahead

COVID isn’t changing consumer behaviour so much as accelerating underlying trends, says Crop president Alain Giguere. In this special column for The Message, he makes five consumer predictions for the year ahead Learn More >>

An article about us in The Message

Yes, the pandemic has changed everything. But consumers are also feeling more empowered and less cynical. Learn More >>

Life in a time of COVID-19

Limited, more prudent consumption and more engaged citizens! Learn More >>


This program identifies the "life milieus" where brands are found - the milieus where brands "live" and where they can grow. Our goal is to grow brands by helping them thrive where they already have a foothold. Learn More >>

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