Content: needs, expectations and theme ideation

Creating impactful content

Visualize and create relevant content that captivates your audiences, keeps them loyal and attracts the attention of your customers. Nurture a creative flow that generates engaging content for your audiences. Build trusting relationships with your audiences. Improve the positioning of your brand. Position yourself as experts. Our tools lend themselves perfectly to this type of application.

CROP’S value proposition – “Life to Ideas” – applies data about your users/customers to support you in the process of creating impactful content. To push consumers to develop more affinity with your brand. To create a perfect, relevant, stimulating connection between your values, your brand and your audiences.

Generating engaging content ideas for your audiences

The unique knowledge that our tools reveal about your audiences serves to clearly identify the direction of the content, themes, interests and concerns that will inspire your content strategies – ensuring that they will be as relevant and stimulating as possible.

Thanks to our unique investigation methods, we are able to identify the areas of interest, aspirations and expectations that should inform your content creation.

Case studies:

Conversations among customers to generate content ideas

An aviation company asked CROP to create content ideas that would interest its various stakeholders.

After selecting a segment representative of the company’s different audiences (the general public, students, employees), we used our online conversation protocol (JAM) to generate nearly 500 ideas of potentially interesting content for all of their audiences. By studying the concerns of the company’s stakeholders, we were able to identify themes, topics and ideas that continue to generate interest and engagement.