Where brands live and where they can grow

Milieus is the ultimate new customer acquisition program. True to its name, it provides an exhaustive description of the milieus in which the brands and market segments of interest can thrive.


Milieus tells us everything we want to know about specific market segments, in terms of lifestyle, consumption, activities, recreation, personal values, media habits and visit frequency to the country’s major retail websites.

We start from the premise that brands do not end up in their consumer milieus by chance. They fit into a lifestyle along with the other brands that consumers use in their lives. Brands respond to very concrete needs as well as to needs that are more intangible, cultural or emotional in nature.

The Milieus program generates the market intelligence required to identify the milieus in which brands already have an ingrained presence – and consequently the best opportunities for growth.

The Milieus program determines who you need to target, with what content and experiences and through which channels – issues for which the program was specifically designed.

The approach

The Milieus program is the result of a partnership between CROP and Vividata, the Canadian media- and consumer-research company. CROP has gained a database of over 40,000 Canadian consumers for each of whom we have collated more than 40,000 units of information (lifestyle, consumption, media, etc.). A database that also perfectly reflects the demographics of the country's consumers (age, gender, region, income, etc.).

Through the application of unique AI processes, we are also able to predict most of the values and trends from our Panorama program for the 40,000 individuals registered in the database.

Download the full Milieus program document