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Apocalyptic visions of our era, ecological alarmism, fatalism, and fantasies of civil disobedience! …But also an ability to adapt, escape, plus the need for authenticity, opportunities and thrills. These are a few of the results from the latest edition of our Panorama program! While only two years ago, defeatism weighed down people’s every prospect in life, they are now learning more and more how to get the most out of today’s context. – Contact us to Learn More >>


Some important trends have attracted attention in recent months. In addition to representing a constant evolution in marketing opportunities, they also express profound socio-cultural changes: new social network user groups, collaborative consumption, the underlying motivations when it comes to the diffusion of innovations, "glamping", and growing differences between the values of American and Canadian consumers, making the latter a true "distinct market" (not to speak of a "distinct society"). You will find CROP’s point of view on these subjects in the most recent texts published on our blog. Learn More >>


Consult our latest Quebec election results. Learn More >>